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Contractor Seminars by Carolina Seminars is your affordable, convenient and effective contractor licensing program. While based in North Carolina, we offer classes for North Carolina Contractors and South Carolina Contractors as well as the NASCLA Accredited Commercial Contractors Program.

Our Contractor Seminars are designed to help people of all experience levels pass the General Contractor exam. We have helped thousands of applicants prepare for and pass the contractor exam and we can help you! Our students average a 98% pass rate on their FIRST ATTEMPT! Your time is too valuable to retake the exam because you were not adequately prepared or wasted time studying useless information. Our updated study guide and contractor seminar will thoroughly prepare you with the information you need to know to pass your exam the first time. Our study guide provides a comprehensive review of all the reference materials used to prepare the questions for the exam as well as a blueprint and math reviews and a practice question section.

Carolina Seminars offers convenient one stop shopping to help you pass your North Carolina contractor exam. We have the best prices on all the exam reference materials you will need in our contractor bookstore. We offer the most effective and affordable contractors seminars available to obtain your contractor’s license – why pay more? With convenient times and locationswhy go elsewhere? Many contractors licensed through our contractor seminars have gone on to qualify for and pass the Home Inspector License Exam. Our Home Inspector Seminars are designed to teach you the facts you need to know to pass the North Carolina Home Inspector Exam. Our students average a 98% pass rate on their first attempt. Don’t wait! Call us today! 704-663-5880.


Hear what others have to say

"Passed on the first attempt. Thanks so much for your great seminar!"

David Clark May 9, 2023

"Thanks to Carolina Seminars, I passed the NASCLA on my first attempt! I attended the course in Durham and followed the suggested guidelines for studying. While it is true that the exam is open book, don't be lulled into a false sense of security. It's a bear that you don't want to attempt without some guidance. Highly recommend Carolina Seminars."

Glenda C. May 9, 2023

"I recently attended a live seminar with Carolina Seminars in preparation for the NC Residential Contractors exam. I found the material relevant to the exam and Chris did an excellent job during the day long class. I would highly recommend Carolina Seminars. I passed my exam on the first try and wouldn't have done it without them."

Adam L. March 22, 2023

"I just wanted to thank you for the NC Residential Contractor course. I took it a week ago and passed the exam last Friday..."

T. Underwood January 30, 2023

"I just wanted to say Thank you, the online access was very helpful in studying & prep for the exam. I took the exam earlier this week and passed. Thank you for the resources, and I will pass your information along to anyone I come in contact with that is planning to take the GC tests."

Jeremiah December 9, 2022

"I had one of the best experiences working with Carolina Seminars to help prepare me for my Residential GC license exam. Chris and Cathy were amazing to work with. Both were very responsive to answering all my questions by phone and email. The one day course was the best. The tips on how to prepare for the exam, and take the exam, was the difference for me when it came to passing. I would highly recommend this company if you are looking to become a GC."

Lee P. March 17, 2022

"I wanted to say thanks for the information and live webinar I attended last week. The class provided me with valuable information and a great strategy to successfully pass the NC Residential Contractor Exam."

L. Gavin March 9, 2022

"I wanted to give you a note thank you for the seminar. I passed! It was much harder than I thought. Thank you for the class."

David A. January 30, 2014

"Just wanted to let you know I passed the exam today!! Your seminar was excellent, and the study guide helped tremendously!! Thanks!!"

Darin H. January 30, 2014

"Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your seminar...the instructor was so professional and had great personality...possibly the best public seminar I've ever attended"

Jeff W. January 30, 2014

“I attended your seminar Monday. I took the test the following Monday and passed. I studied about 25 hours and felt very prepared. There were very few questions on the test that I wasn’t familiar with. Thanks for everything.”

Sean R. January 30, 2014

"I just wanted to let you know that I passed my test the first time and could not have done it without your class. The study guide and your preparation was the key. Thank you very much."

B. Denmark January 30, 2014

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your seminar. I attended the July 24th 2013 class in Durham...The study packet and audio CD's we and excellent tool for studying. I have taken the test and now I am a Licensed General Contractor. Thanks again!" 8.19.13

Mike B. January 30, 2014

"I attended your 3-22-13 Seminar in Raleigh, NC and took the exam on Saturday, 3-30-13 in Greenville and passed. Thanks!"

Bobby D. January 30, 2014

"Just wanted to say thanks and let you know I passed just passed my Building exam – EASILY! Your information was right on, I knew the answers before I finished the reading the questions. Highly recommended! Thanks again."

William K. January 30, 2014

"Just want to let you know that I passed the exam yesterday. Thanks for all your help."

M. Lopez January 30, 2014

"Hello, just wanted to let you know I passed my exam last Thursday… First time!! Thank you for everything."

Steve M. January 30, 2014

"I have only been licensed NCGC for 3 years and your seminar helped me learn new things, but more importantly, it helped me pass the state exam!!!"

Mike C. January 30, 2014

"I want to let you know how well your seminar and study guide helped me on my residential contractors exam... I studied just after the seminar for a month, and passed the test with a 91 on the first try. All of your material was right to the point and I don't think I had hardly any surprises at all. I would highly recommend you guys to anyone. Thanks again." 8.12.13

Larry R. January 30, 2014

"I took the exam and passed. I wanted to offer some feedback and tell you I found your seminar and study material very helpful… I was very well prepared for the exam but began to run out of time as you said I would. I did pass and appreciate the course. Good luck."

M. Howell January 30, 2014

"I just thought I would let you know that Jonathan and I both passed our Building exam today!! Thanks again for your seminar!"

Lauren T. January 30, 2014

"I just wanted to let you know, I passed my Home Inspector test. Your study guide was excellent". Thanks for your help."

Britt C. January 30, 2014

I purchased your at home study guide with practice exam and it was definitely a good investment. Took my building contractor exam last week (2-11-13) and passed. Your materials not only prepared me well, but were easy to use. Thank you!

Rebecca H. January 24, 2014

I attended the January 22, 2013 seminar in Durham and passed the Building exam on January 25th. Thank you!

Eric S. January 24, 2014

Just wanted to let you know I passed my exam today(Building Contractor). With one week studying on top of my 60hr work week, utilizing your study guide and low priced reference books it was a breeze. Thanks for the help and rushing the materials to me. I will be back soon for help on the home inspector exam. I would recommend your service to anyone.

Josh M. January 24, 2014

I took and passed the Residential Contractor Exam yesterday - on my first attempt. Could not have done without your seminar!

Alan T. January 24, 2014



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