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Code Book Changes coming to North Carolina

Beginning the in January 2019 if you are taking a General Contractor exam in North Carolina you will be
able to use the 2018 Code book editions. We have received several calls from people wanting to know if
they can purchase and use these books in the exam center, rather than purchase the outdated 2012
books. While the 2018 books were released in July, they are not allowed in exam centers at this time.
We have been in contact with the Code Council, the NC General Contractor Licensing Board and PSI
Exam Services asking about the upcoming change over. All three have confirmed that the 2018 Code
books will be allowed in the exam center beginning on January 1, 2019.

What’s Different

One change is that the 2018 North Carolina Code books are only available in loose-leaf versions, for the
first time in well over a decade. No one has been able to confirm the reason softcover books will no
longer be an option, but we can tell you the loose-leaf version is a more costly option to the consumer.
Although the Code Council has stated there are no plans for a softcover version, we are watching
carefully to bring the softcovers to you, if they should become available.
Another unique distinction about this upcoming change is that there will be no overlap of Code books,
or “grace period”. So, if you are testing on or before December 31 st 2018 you will only be allowed to
take the 2012 editions in to the exam center, If you are testing on or after January 1, 2019 only the 2018
editions can be used.

What This Means to You
Well, it means more expensive code books for 2018 Editions. It also means bigger, bulkier books for
contractors. But really, what it means most, is that if you are looking to get your NC General Contractor
License, Building or Residential you must plan to take and pass your exam PRIOR to the end of the year
or hold off until 2019 to avoid multiple code books.
Many contractors are already in process of getting their license, with eligibility letters in hand and their
eligibility period counting down. If you are looking to pass your exam this year we can help! We are
offering live seminars for the NC Building Contractor and NC Residential Contractor exams in October,
November and December. We have classes in Durham, Winston Salem, and Mooresville locations. With
a 98% pass rate we can help you prepare for the exam and pass the first time! We also offer At-Home
study options for those who cannot make a class date.
We are currently working on the changes coming from the new Code books and will have products
available beginning in November, for those who will be testing in the new year. As January approaches
we will consult with each client about their time frame of testing and recommend their best option for
Code book and course selection.


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