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Securing a contractor’s license involves passing a rigorous examination, and that’s where ContractorExamSeminars.com becomes your invaluable partner. Specializing in exam preparation for both North and South Carolina, this platform is dedicated to helping you succeed on exam day.

ContractorExamSeminars.com offers a range of study materials tailored to the specific requirements of each state. From practice exams to comprehensive study guides,… Continue reading

In the competitive world of construction, securing a contractor’s license is non-negotiable for professional growth. When it comes to comprehensive training and guidance, look no further than Carolinaseminars.com, a trusted resource for contractors in both North and South Carolina.

What sets Carolinaseminars.com apart is its commitment to providing up-to-date information and expert-led seminars. The platform covers essential topics, from licensing… Continue reading

South Carolina beckons ambitious individuals seeking to establish themselves as licensed contractors. Whether you’re venturing into residential or commercial construction, obtaining a contractor’s license is key to unlocking new opportunities and elevating your career.

Carolinaseminars.com plays a pivotal role in this journey, offering seminars that cover the intricacies of South Carolina’s licensing requirements. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the state’s… Continue reading

Embarking on a career in construction in North Carolina requires more than just skills and experience; it demands official recognition through a contractor’s license. Navigating the licensure process may seem daunting, but with the right guidance, you can pave the way for your professional growth.

Enter Carolinaseminars.com, a comprehensive resource designed to streamline your journey to becoming a licensed… Continue reading

Effective October 1, 2023 Amendments to Chapter 87 of the General Statutes related to General Contractor licensure requirements have increased the amount triggering the requirement for a license from $30,000 to $40,000.

The General Statute for North Carolina now defines a general contractor as any person, firm, or corporation who for a fixed price, commission, fee, or wage, undertakes to… Continue reading

A lot of confusion and misinformation surrounds NASCLA and the NASCLA Exam, as well as the NC Building Contractor Exam versus the NASCLA exam.  Hopefully this post will answer some questions and be helpful in determining which exam is right for you!

There are two ways to obtain a NC Building Contractor license: Directly, by applying to take the… Continue reading

Hiring a Contractor

Interview each contractor you’re considering. Here are some questions to ask.

  • How long have you been in business? Look for a well-established company and check it out with consumer protection officials. They can tell you if there are unresolved consumer complaints on file. One caveat: No record of complaints against a particular contractor doesn’t necessarily mean no… Continue reading

Everyday should be Earth Day

Our guest blogger today is Erin Pierce, who works for the Communications office at Department of Energy.

One thing I’ve learned since my start at the Department of Energy (DOE) is how important it is for individuals to get involved in protecting the environment. Innovative technologies are being developed—from alternative fuel sources that cut greenhouse… Continue reading

Busted! Eight Green-Building Myths

Green building is no longer viewed as a passing fad or some strange notion adopted by militant environmentalists on the fringe of society. In fact, the editors of Harvard Business Review dedicated a large amount of space in their June 2006 issue to explain how green building is now an established mainstream building practice. By Rob Fanjoy

Source: www.HGTVpro.com

Feedback from attendees

When surveyed for their opinions on the seminar, content and instruction this is what many had to say…

…Just what I was looking for!
…good plan and method.
…don’t see how it could be any better.
…very informative and methodical.
…very informal, not your regular boring class.
…great instruction, humor and strategy.
…never bored.
…straight forward… Continue reading

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