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What to expect when you attend a contractor exam prep class.

We receive many calls asking a variety of questions related to the various contractor exams; Questions about our on site contractor seminars, contractor exam books, and general contractor license questions; But one frequently asked question clients want to know is what to expect when they sign up for and attend one of our contractor classes for either NC, SC or NASCLA.

The first important thing to note is that when you sign up for a seminar your study materials are shipped to you immediately, so if you’d like to begin preparing in advance of a seminar, you have everything you need to get started. It is also crucial to note, that if you are studying for your contractor exam before you attend a seminar that you DO NOT write in any of the books you take into the exam center. PSI Exam centers allow books to be circled, highlighted, and underlined BUT NOT written in. You may also tab your pages, but PSI requires they be permanent adhesive tabs, meaning they will tear the page if you attempt to remove them. Some students like to attend a seminar before deciding what to tab.

Also included with your study materials is a summary sheet with the location, date, and time of your class, as well as a list of materials you need to bring. We recommend you bring your study guide, a highlighter, something to take notes with, and any books you may have. We also recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of class. You may also like to bring a calculator, but it is not required.

Each contractor seminar begins with an open question format, so if you have been preparing prior to class please bring a list of any questions you have come across. After the open question session, we will review a breakdown of the types of questions you will see on your general contractor exam, the time constraints for your particular exam, and then review studying tips to make the best use of your exam prep time. An exact strategy of what to study, where to study it, and when to study it will be laid you for you to follow so you can pass your exam the first time!

Next we will begin breaking down the reference books, reviewing each book individually. You will be shown exactly what page, what paragraph, and what sentence you need to know from each reference book that the actual exam questions are pulled from. Since all the books are available for sale at the seminar you can pick them as you feel you need them during the review.

After an in depth review of all of the reference material pinpointing information on the exam we will begin a blueprint session. Without fail, the consistent feedback from those who took the exam and passed, is that the blueprint portion of the exam is the trickiest part and without our blueprint strategies they wouldn’t have been able to navigate the trick wording and missing details presented in the blueprint questions.

Our seminar wraps up with test taking strategies. The instructor carefully goes through when and how to take your contractor license exam. These are proven tips that increase your odds of passing the exam the first time successfully without running out of time and going into panic mode as many do. There are multiple opportunities throughout the day to address the instructor with any questions you may have on exam materials or the exam itself.

A lot of information is fit into this one day seminar, but all classes will have a significant lunch break as well as several short breaks during the day. Our seminars are well known among those whom have taken them, for getting to the point and staying on topic.

If you are looking for an on site contractor seminar that provides all the information you need to pass your contractor exam the first time, regardless of experience level, without war stories or information that does not pertain to your particular license, we are the only choice! We would love to help you achieve your business goals today. Call with question or to sign up at 704-663-5880.


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