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NC Home Inspector Top 5 Compliance Issues 4

The NC Home Inspector Licensure Board Committee and Staff reviews of many contracts and home inspection reports in the process of complaint investigations and new licensee audits has revealed a number of common deficiencies. Below you will find another of the “Top 5” Home Inspection Contract & Report NCHILB Standards of Practice Compliance Problems noted in Complaint Investigations and New Licensee Report Audits.

4. The written report is an industry standardized or franchise report format not specifically tailored to comply with the North Carolina Standards of Practice “DDID” requirements to Describe the component or system, state how the condition is Defective, explain the consequences of the condition (Implications), and Direct the client to a course of action per Board Rule 11 NC Administrative Code 08.1103(b)(3) OR the report used vague, contradictory or undefined abbreviations or checkboxes to describe the condition of a component or system.

Check back tomorrow for the last of the “Top 5” Home Inspector Compliance Problem. If you are interested in obtaining your NC Home Inspector License visit the NC Home Inspector seminar page of our website. If you are a Licensed NC General Contractor you may qualify to take the NC Home Inspector License Exam. Call for more info at 704-663-5880.


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