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Contractors Guide to Quality Concrete Book Review

The Contractor’s Guide to Quality Concrete Construction, 2005, 3rd Edition, ISBN: 0-87031-016-X. This has been a very important book for many State Contractor Licensing Exams for many years and also for the National Commercial Building Contractor, NASCLA – Accredited Examination. This reference book covers many of the concrete subjects covered on the contractor exam for acceptable slump ranges to light-weight concrete in full detail, in a mostly easy to understand manner. While preparing for the exam close attention must be paid to concrete joints. Contraction, isolation and construction will most likely appear on the exam and curing and aggregates will of course be there.

The Contractor Guide to Quality Concrete Construction has been updated many times over the years and is an excellent reference book when preparing to pass the contractor exam. We also recommend a good seminar with study guide to help you save time and pinpoint the exact information you need to pass the General Contractor Exam the first time. To schedule your contractor seminar visit us at CarolinaSeminars.com, or call us at 704-663-5880.


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