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NC Building Contractor License vs NC Residential Contractor License

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “Building Contractor license or Residential Contractor license, which classification do I need?” Well, let’s start from the top; A Building Contractor classification covers all types of building construction activity, included but not limited to Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and all types of Residential building construction. The Residential Contractor classification covers all types of construction activity pertaining to the construction of residential units that are required to conform to the Residential Building Code.

While the Building Contractor classification is a stronger license that will allow you to both commercial and residential construction it is a little more difficult exam that involves more reference books because of the broader topic knowledge required in subjects such as steel joists, post-tensioning, etc. More subjects means more books and more study time.

The Residential Contractor classification is slightly easier than the Building Contractor exam, BUT only slightly! It does require a few less reference books, and a few less topics. If you are confident that you are only interested in residential construction, and will never have, nor pursue an opportunity for a commercial job, then the residential classification is for you. If however, you may pursue a commercial project and you are licensed only in residential you will need to apply and test for the Building classification. Both our NC Building Contractor Seminars and our NC Residential Contractor Seminars are designed to save you valuable time pinpointing the subjects covered on the NC Contractor Exam and helping you pass the test – the first time! Call us today to get started…704-663-5880.


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